A taxi driver and his passenger fight over the drop-off location in Tsing Yi, the New Territories Photo: YouTube

Police arrested a taxi driver and his passenger after a brawl in Tsing Yi, the New Territories in the wee hours on Tuesday.

At around 1am, police were called to a fight between a 63-year-old passenger surnamed Poon and a 59-year-old taxi driver surnamed Lai. The dispute took place in Cheung On Estate in Tsing Yi, reportedly due to a disagreement over a drop-off point, Apple Daily reported.

It was understood that Poon became upset after he asked the driver to drop him off at a particular location near On Chiu House. However, Lai refused, saying that to do so would involve blocking access to emergency vehicles.

A video that surfaced on social media showed an argument between the two middle-aged men turning into a street fight.

After a security guard tried, but failed to stop the fight the driver, who seemed defeated, got into his taxi.

But the battle was not yet over. After a few seconds, Lai got back out of the taxi and suddenly punched Poon in the face.

The passenger screamed for help and said his tooth was smashed.

Police arrived and arrested the two men for allegedly fighting in public. Poon was also arrested for alleged criminal damage as the hood and one door of the taxi were damaged. Both men were sent to hospital for medical treatment.

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