Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

Police are looking for burglars after a break-in at a villa in Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island on Friday.

At 7am, a 34-year-old domestic worker employed at a villa at 63 Deep Water Bay discovered that her employer’s bedroom had been ransacked, Sing Tao Daily reported.

After noticing that a safe was missing from the room, the domestic worker called in the police.

As the employer was out of town on vacation, the value of missing items remains unknown.

Investigating officers found that other parts of the villa had also been searched. Police made a search of the surrounding hillsides, but no suspects were found.

A security company spokesman said that, as luxury villas on Hong Kong Island South are surrounded by hills and woodlands, burglars can easily hide and get away after carrying out such robberies.

He advised that extra security measures should be installed and turned on at all times, adding that security sensors should be fitted to all windows and doors.

The nearby luxury mansion of the late billionaire Cheng Yu-tung has been burglarized twice in the last two years.

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