Warsaw, capital of Poland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Warsaw, capital of Poland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Poland is considering hiring Filipino workers to address the European country’s worsening labor shortage.

Deputy Labor Minister Stanislaw Szwed said that Poland is looking for Filipino workers to work in the IT, medical and construction sectors, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Szwed said that as Poland and the Philippines are both Roman Catholic countries, they share many cultural values, and that this was a factor in considering hiring Filipino workers.

“We are on course to conclude an agreement. I hope that in the autumn we will be able to at least sign a preliminary accord,” Szwed said.

Poland expects to be short four million workers by 2030 due to the continued emigration of its own workforce and a low birth rate. In recent years, Ukraine has been Poland’s main source of immigrant workers.

There are currently around one million Ukrainians in Poland, and another 300,000 are expected in the coming years.

The Philippines is a major exporter of workers. More than 10 million Filipino emigrant workers are employed in a variety of industries worldwide.

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