San Kio District in Macau
Photo: Google Maps
San Kio District in Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 34-year-old Myanmar maid was arrested by judiciary police in Macau on Tuesday after allegedly slapping a four-year-old boy in her care after the boy woke her up while she was resting.

The maid had been working for a family of four in San Kio district since January and was sent to the public prosecution office after her arrest, Exmoo News reported.

The alleged assault happened on July 3 after the adults left for work and the eldest child was at a tutorial class, leaving only the domestic worker and the young boy at home. The maid said she felt unwell and went to her room for a rest, leaving the boy in the living room to watch television.

About 10 minutes later, the boy went into the maid’s room and woke her up. The woman was angry that she could not rest and allegedly slapped the boy in the face, leaving his right eye swollen and his nose bleeding.

The female employer returned home in the evening and discovered her son’s injuries. After questioning the maid, they called police. The boy was sent to a hospital for medical treatment while the maid was arrested and charged with common assault.

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