Dubai Investment Park where the two worked. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino administrator working in Dubai pleaded guilty on Monday to breaching the privacy of his former Filipina roommate by secretly filming her in her bedroom.

In November last year, the Filipino man, 38, shared an apartment with a 24-year-old Filipino woman at Dubai Investments Park. The woman was informed by her friend, also a Filipino, that the man had filmed her partly naked in her bedroom, Gulf News reported.

The Filipina said her friend showed her a 10-second video of herself partly naked. According to her friend, the suspect sent the video and boasted that he had filmed her naked. After seeing the video, the woman reported the matter to police, who arrested the man.

The man was charged with breaching the Filipina’s modesty and privacy and molesting her by secretly filming her. The court heard the man had secretly filmed the woman as she was getting ready for work one morning.

On Monday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded guilty to the charges. A ruling will be heard on July 30.

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