Brunei where the women were smuggled to and later arrested. Photo: iStock

A 38-year-old Malaysian man, who had pleaded guilty to trafficking three Filipino women into Brunei, has been sentenced to four years in jail, a whipping and a fine of BND9,000 (US$ 6,639).

Radiman bin Alidin, a wireman, can choose an additional jail term of nine months if he cannot pay the fine, the Borneo Bulletin reported. In October 2017, three Filipinas who worked as hostesses at a pub in Labuan, Malaysia, met Alidin and asked for his help in escaping their jobs.

Alidin offered to take them to Brunei without their passports, which were held by their employers. In return, the women would pay him 1,300 ringgit (US$323), along with electronic items, watches and a power bank. From Brunei, he said the women would find a way to return to the Philippines.

On October 25, 2017, the four boarded a boat which took them to Serasa Beach in Brunei, where two local men picked them up. Alidin returned to Labuan. Bruneian authorities discovered the three women were staying in Brunei illegally and arrested them, which led to a search for Alidin.

A stop list was issued on Alidin and he was arrested when he entered Brunei on May 25.

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