The Bukit Jalil immigration detention centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

Both foreigners and locals were arrested after a series of raids on suspected brothels and other outlets offering sex services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Friday afternoon.

Three suspected brothels, a spa center and an entertainment outlet in Kuala Lumpur were raided for allegedly offering illegal sexual services. Most of the foreign women were also charged with failing to show valid identification documents.

Officers from Intelligence, Special Operations and Analysis Division of the Immigration Department targeted venues around Klang Valley that were allegedly only providing foreign visitors with sexual services in an effort to avoid being detected by the authorities, Nanyang Siang Pau (Malaysia) reported.

During the first raids at 2:30pm on Friday, officers went to three suspected brothels and spa center, where 37 foreign women – 18 Indonesians and 19 Indians – and 16 male customers were arrested.

The foreign women, most of whom were also found to have misused their social visit pass, domestic worker permit or student visa, were allegedly charging foreign men $30 ringgits (US$7) for 15 minutes.

Six local men and five local women identified as managers, caretakers or guards were also arrested for allegedly running brothels.

The second raid targeted an entertainment outlet in Damansara Utama, where 10 “female guest relation officers” from Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as a bartender from Bangladesh, were detained for further questioning.

A total of $1,213 ringgits (US$300) in cash was seized during the raids. The foreigners under arrest are now in the Bukit Jalil immigration detention centre.