Wild boar runs on the highway in a Kowloon's highway Photo: 巴打絲打Facebook Club@Facebook

A wild boar made a mad dash for freedom along a busy Hong Kong highway on Sunday, forcing cars to swerve as it suddenly shot across three lanes of traffic after galloping for 10 seconds in the fast lane.  

A 17-second video that went viral on Facebook shows the boar running along the outer lane, easily staying ahead of a car on its heels. Some viewers said it appeared that the boar was racing the vehicles.

But then it crossed to the inner lane in front of oncoming traffic, before disappearing into bushland alongside the highway. Viewers were amazed at the turn of speed displayed by the wild animal.

The post did not mention when or where the incident had occurred, but some online viewers suggested that the video was taken on Lung Cheung Road in Kowloon, Headline Daily reported.

Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group also shared the video, thanking the drivers near the animal for slowing down and making space so it could safely escape. The group reminded drivers that road safety law regarding animals do not currently include wild pigs and said it would be lobbying the government for changes.