Sondos Al Qattan, a social media celebrity and make-up artist in Kuwait, sparked outrage online after saying maids should not be given rest days. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Instagram@sondos_aq

A Kuwait celebrity sparked outrage on social media after saying domestic workers in her country should not be given any days off.

Sondos Al Qattan, a social media celebrity and make-up artist, posted a video on Twitter criticizing the new rules for hiring Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait, StepFeed reported. Al Qattan said domestic workers should not be allowed to keep their passports and should not be given one day off per week.

“How can you have a ‘servant’ in your house who gets to keep their passport with them? If they ran away and went back to their country, who will refund me?” Al Qattan said in the video.

She said because of the new rules, she would not hire a Filipino domestic worker. Her video went viral and sparked outrage online. Hundreds of people defended domestic workers, saying they are not slaves and cannot be made to work non-stop. Some said domestic workers were human beings, not machines.

“Why don’t you work seven days a week and give your passport to your boss. Where’s your humanity?” one person asked on Twitter. “Treat her well and let her keep her passport because she isn’t your slave, but an employee who has responsibilities and rights,” another said.

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