The Diocesan Girls' School in Jordan, Kowloon. Photo: Google Maps

A 17-year-old Hong Kong-born student of Indian origin scored the top marks in the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) examination on Wednesday.

Nusky Shazia Seyda scored the best marks in five subjects and secured a score of 4 in Chinese language, Headline Daily reported. She has been studying at the Diocesan Girls’ School in Kowloon’s Jordan.

Nusky said she did not attend any tutorial classes, but added she had studied very hard. She said she found Chinese language the most difficult subject, especially classic Chinese literature and Chinese composition. She thanked her friends and teachers who had offered her a lot of help.

Nusky decided not to take up an offer from an overseas university and stay in Hong Kong to further her studies. She said she likes biology and physics.

She said she hoped to become a doctor at a public hospital as she found the local medical system unfair to ethnic minorities in the city. She wants to give something back to the city and help those who cannot speak Cantonese.