The Hong Kong High Court where the case is being heard. Photo: Wikipedia
The Hong Kong High Court where the case is being heard. Photo: Wikipedia

Four Nepalese men aged between 20 and 31 were sentenced to between eight months and five years in jail at the High Court in Hong Kong on Tuesday for attacking an Indian man with knives and bottles in Kowloon’s Jordan in 2016.

The four men, 27-year-old Pun Mahendra, 24-year-old Pun Binod, 30-year-old Rai Yogendra and 20-year-old Pun Sou, were found guilty on charges including wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and assaulting a police officer, the Apple Daily reported.

Mahendra pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing, while the other three denied the charges.

Gurung Vishal, 33, told the court that on October 2, 2016, he was attacked by a gang armed with machetes and bottles at the intersection of Nanking Street and Parkes Street in Jordan. The gang violence prompted police to open fire, resulting in injuries to two of the men.

The judge said wounding with intent was a serious crime. Two of the defendants said they thought Vishal had attacked them on a previous occasion and they were taking revenge. The judge pointed out that the attack was a well-planned attack, Radio Television Hong Kong reported.

Mahendra was reprimanded by the judge as he did not stop attacking the victim with a knife until a police officer shot him.

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