Pui O Campsite on Lantau Island and, inset, a python. Photo: Google Maps/AFCD

A four-meter python was captured at a BBQ area in a campsite on Lantau Island on Monday, while Hong Kong police received five reports of snakes being sighted on the same day.

At 1am, a four-meter python was seen at a BBQ area in the Pui O campsite on Lantau Island, news website HK01.com reported. The snake was curled up under a stone bench. Police arrived and then called in William Sargent, a foreign snake expert, to handle the reptile.

The specialist caught the snake in a few minutes and put it in a cage. Police received four other reports between 8am to 12 noon that snakes were sighted in Sheung Shui in the New Territories and Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island.

However, there were no reports about what species there were or their length. Snake expert Chow Ka-ling advised people to be beware of the presences of snakes as many could come out for cool air and water in the recent hot and rainy weather.

She advised people to stay calm when they spot a snake and not to try to catch them.