Gudaibiya, Bahrain. Photo: Google Maps
Gudaibiya, Bahrain. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino worker was found dead in his apartment in Gudaibiya, Bahrain on Sunday.

Antonio Baldecanas Abejo, who worked as a supervisor at Al Jazeera Cold Store Company, was supposed to return to the Philippines next week, Gulf Daily News reported.

After Abejo failed to come to work for three days, a roommate, also Filipino, discovered his lifeless body in his room on Sunday afternoon. The roommate said the television in Abejo’s room was switched on.

There have been no reports on Abejo’s medical history and the cause of death remains unknown.

There are around 40,000 Filipinos in Bahrain, more than half of whom are domestic workers while the rest work in the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors. Filipinos account for 10% of Bahrain’s total population.

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