Mito District Court in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino man who was accused of raping and killing a Japanese student in 2004 has admitted to the crime.

On January 31, 2004 in Ami, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, Lampano  Jerico Mori and two Filipino accomplices abducted Misato Harada, a 21-year-old university student, and sexually assaulted her, GMA News reported.

The three suspects raped Harada and choked her before stabbing her repeatedly with a knife. The victim’s body was later found on a riverbank in Miho village.

The accomplices, who were both minors at the time, returned to the Philippines following the crime. Police have placed the two suspects, now aged 34 and 32, on an international wanted list.

Last September, the police arrested Mori, who was working at a factory in Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. At the Mito District Court, Lampano admitted to committing the crime.

Prosecutors told the court that a DNA sample found on the victim almost matches that of the defendant.