Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps
Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino woman who was hit by a car in Dubai was saved after undergoing skin graft surgery.

On Thursday morning. Ana Marisa Perez, 34, was walking her dog when she was run over by a car. Another driver witnessed the accident and stopped to help her, Gulf News reported.

Perez was brought to Rashid Hospital. She suffered fractures to her pelvis and left leg, and lost skin from her groin to her left foot in injuries so serious that they exposed bone and muscle tissue.

The doctors said Perez needed to undergo skin graft surgery – an operation that involves transplanting a piece of skin from elsewhere on the patient’s body. However, in Perez’ case, the amount of skin she had lost made this impossible – and a solution had to be found urgently.

The doctors instead used cadaveric skin, which is skin removed from a human corpse. Dr. Khalid Al Awadi, head of the Hand and Microsurgery Unit at Rashid Hospital, said that the surgery was successful, and that the patient’s body showed signs of adapting well to the new skin.

“The procedure was a complete success and she has completely recovered from the skin graft surgery. She is now continuing her treatment with other departments at the hospital for the fractures she sustained and will hopefully be discharged soon in good health,” Al Awadi said.