Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker who was blinded by abuse suffered from her employer in Abu Dhabi wants her employer to be barred from hiring domestic workers.

Merly Rivera, 43, went to work in Abu Dhabi in August 2014. Rivera said that throughout the four years she worked for her employer, she suffered maltreatment and abuse, Bombo Radyo reported.

According to Crisanta Ebe, one of Rivera’s relatives, they were only able to contact Rivera during her first seven months working in Abu Dhabi. After that, Rivera’s employer confiscated her phone and her family lost contact with her.

Rivera said her employer hit her repeatedly with a metal ladle and poured boiling hot water on her body and face. The employer also punched and slapped her and threw things at her. The abuse Rivera experienced caused her to go blind, and led her to having difficulty in walking.

On July 14, Rivera returned home to the Philippines after her employer found a replacement for her. Rivera is seeking the help of the Philippine government to blacklist her employer. She said she does not want any other Filipino domestic workers to suffer the abuse she went through.