Two Japanese fans at the end of the Russia 2018 World Cup round of 16 match between Belgium and Japan. Belgium won 3-2 after scoring with the last kick of the game. Photo: AFP/Odd Andersen

A blockchain-powered sports gambling “information aggregator,” that says its football analytics program has so far achieved a better-than-60% success rate in predicting World Cup group stage results, has launched a betting platform for professional tennis just in time for the start of Wimbledon.

BlitzPredict, based in Las Vegas, claims it gives users access to “advanced tools and analytics models” that provide both “expert productions” and betting odds that are the best available “in the market at the time of a bet.”

It can do this, it says, because it is the world’s first online gaming platform to “record predictions to the blockchain, time-stamped against true market odds.” This, says BlitzPredict, eliminates “one of the biggest problems facing the online wagering industry,” namely bookmakers offering snap “false claims” to entice customers.

The 60% success rate at the World Cup is “impressive,” argues BlitzPredict, as the tournament only runs every four years, which means game data specifics are often limited, and also because in early group-stage matches “one team may either already be eliminated or set to move on” so “motivation factors are impacted.”

“There has been a lot of volatility in the early matches as teams with nothing to lose play teams with nothing to win,” said Brett Richey, the platform’s founder and CEO.

The dedicated tennis platform went live just before the start of the Wimbledon tournament on Monday, July 2, and gamblers can place wagers – now restricted to World Cup games, Wimbledon matches and US Major League Baseball clashes – only by using BlitzPredict’s own Ethereum-based crypto-currency that trades using the “XBT” ticker symbol.

After the latest World Cup games the BlitzPredict model stands 2-4 down in the elimination round, bringing its total overall tally to 31 correct predictions and 23 wrong. Until Monday the platform stood 0-4 down in the knockouts, after wrongly predicting Argentina, Denmark, Portugal and Spain would progress through their respective Round of 16 games.

The model then fared better after correctly predicting Belgium and Brazil would win on Monday, although the former only managed this after beating heroic underdogs Japan through a goal scored with the last kick of the game.

For Tuesday’s games, the model fancies Switzerland to beat Sweden and Columbia to beat England. Today, says BlitzPredict, is “a big day for the model.”

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