Muraqqabat Police station in Bur Dubai, where the Filipino mother left her newborn baby. Photo: Google Maps

An baby girl abandoned in Dubai has been reunited with her Filipino mother in the Philippines with the help of Dubai and Philippine authorities.

Earlier this year, a Filipino woman reportedly left her newborn baby at the Muraqqabat Police station in Bur Dubai before she was deported to the Philippines, the Khaleej Times reported.

The baby was turned over to the Community Development Authority (CDA) several months ago. Once the baby’s identity was confirmed, the CDA signed her over to the care of the Philippine Consulate-General in Dubai.

Adelaziz Mohamed Al Hammadi, the director of the CDA, said the baby’s DNA matched with a Filipino woman who was recently deported from Dubai. “This made the girl’s biological mother known and thus opened the hope that the child could live with her mother in her natural environment,” Al Hammadi said.

On June 30, an officer from the Philippine-Consulate General traveled to the Philippines with the baby. When they arrived, the baby was signed over to the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

The DSWD was able to locate the baby’s mother. However, the officer from the Consulate could not confirm if the mother and child have been reunited. He said the baby could still be under the custody of the DSWD following processing and evaluation of the mother.

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