A young women in Shanghai live-streamed her protest in which she threw ink on a poster of Xi Jinping. Photo: Screen grabs

A young woman in Shanghai who live-streamed her protest in front of a portrait of Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping on Wednesday and splashed ink on the poster is now thought to be under arrest.

She was seen chanting slogans against one-party dictatorship and Xi’s autocracy and personal clout while tossing a bowl of ink towards a poster of the nation’s supreme leader.

“I hate Xi’s guts … I’m here waiting for you to arrest me,” the emotional activist shouted in anger.

Her protest, in front of a billboard touting Xi’s “China Dream,” soon caused a commotion and it was revealed that the activist, Dong Yaoqiong, 29, hails from central Hunan province and used to work at a tech company in the city.

On her now non-existent Twitter account, Dong claimed she had suffered from Beijing’s “mind control” and called on the international community to step in to stop Beijing’s brutal persecution of its citizens.

At about 3pm Wednesday, she tweeted, believed to be via a VPN, that there was a scrum of uniformed people outside her home and she would not avoid them or escape, stressing she had committed no offense and that the people and the organization that purged her over the years must be held accountable for their crimes.

Other activists soon relayed her message, urging Dong not to step out but to continue to live-stream the heavy police presence outside her home. Dong previously went on social media claiming Beijing’s “mind control” and harassment over the past year made her almost demented and she lost her job and boyfriend and once wanted to commit suicide.

There have been mounting concerns over Dong’s whereabouts following Wednesday’s incident. It is believed national security agents in the city detained her for questioning.

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