Juru detention depot, Penang, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Juru detention depot, Penang, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A total of 58 foreigners, many of them women, were arrested during a 15-hour operation on Sunday evening for allegedly abusing their social visit passes or failing to possess valid travel documents at various locations in Penang, Malaysia.

According to the Penang Immigration Department, a series of raids were conducted on entertainment outlets and massage parlors in several parts of the northwestern state between 5pm and 11pm on Sunday, China Press reported.

Forty women, comprising 14 Thais, 11 Indonesians, seven Vietnamese, four Chinese, three Bangladeshis and one Myanmar national, and 18 men from Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand, all aged between 20 and 45, were nabbed.

Police claimed that at the time of arrest, many of the women were in different stages of undress, suggesting that they might also have been engaging in illicit sexual activities.

The arrestees without valid travel documents were sent to the Juru Detention Depot in Penang for further investigation.

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