An American elderly woman's racial slurs against a Filipino-American and her family went viral on social media. Photo: YouTube

A video of an elderly woman who made racial slurs against a Filipino-American and her family at a local grocery store in the United States went viral.

The victim, Jenny Vela, a Filipino-American, said that her family was on a routine grocery trip in Daly City in California when an elderly woman behind them at the checkout counter made racial rants, ABS-CBN News reported.

According to Vela, the elderly woman told her and her family they were “making the streets dirty” and that they should go back to their own country. Vela’s husband Alfred, a Mexican-American, said they were shocked to experience this type of discrimination in Daly City.

“It’s not right that we have to put up with this type of bigotry, racism, prejudice behavior, especially coming from an elderly woman,” Alfred said.

In the video, the elderly woman can be heard telling the couple that they lied in order to enter the US and that foreigners are “stealing their food and jobs”. Vela took the video and uploaded it on social media, which has gone viral with more than 920,000 views.

Daly City mayor Juslyn Manalo, who is also a Filipino-American, said that incidents of racism and hate are not typical in the city.

“There hasn’t been a rise in that, thankfully. I hope that this is an isolated incident but for the courage of this family to share what has happened is really important,” Manalo said.