A view of the Capella hotel on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman

The guessing game is finally over. After speculators were thrown off the scent by a decision to designate the Shangri-la hotel a “special event area” for next week, a more secluded location has been officially announced as the venue for the highly-anticipated US-North Korea summit, planned for June 12.

The White House late Tuesday night confirmed the selection of the Capella Hotel, located on a resort enclave accessible to Singapore’s main island by a single causeway.

“The venue for the Singapore summit between @POTUS and Leader Kim Jong Un will be the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island.” Trump administration press secretary Sarah Sanders wrote in a tweet. “We thank our great Singaporean hosts for their hospitality.”

Map: Singapore Government Gazette

The confirmation came after the Singapore government earlier in the week made public the cordoning off of the island and surrounding waters as a “special event area,” effective from June 10 to June 14.

Map: Singapore Government Gazette

There is a separate zone – covering an area including the Capella resort and Universal Studios Singapore – marked off on maps provided by the Singapore government, which will be subject to stricter security checks.

View of the Capella hotel. Photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman

The hotel – which boasts more than 100 rooms, ranging in price from around US$500 per night to US$7,500 for a presidential manor – was restored in part from late 19th-century British colonial buildings.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s parley is scheduled to begin at 9 am on the morning of Tuesday, June 12. The unprecedented event would mark the first-ever meeting between a sitting US President and a North Korean leader.