Cotai, Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Seader
Cotai in Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Seader

Macau Judiciary Police arrested a 60-year-old female taxi driver on suspicion of unlawful appropriation of a wallet lost by a Filipino tourist on Sunday.

At 1am, the tourist boarded the taxi at a crossroads on Rua de Nam Keng in Taipa and headed to a hotel in Cotai, Macau Daily News reported.

After arriving at his hotel and getting out of the cab, the Filipino realized he had lost his wallet, which contained cash in different currencies amounting to around 4,000 patacas (US$495), personal documents, cards and a hotel room card.

Judiciary Police tracked down the taxi driver, but she claimed she was unaware of any items left in her cab, and said she had transported several clients.

But when police checked the camera installed in the taxi, they discovered that the missing wallet had been found by a group of women who boarded the cab immediately after the man got out in Cotai.

One of the passengers passed the wallet to the driver.

After that, the driver called a woman and drove to Areia Preta district, leaving the wallet with her.

The driver is being charged with the unlawful appropriation of lost property, and her friend is being charged as an accomplice receiving stolen goods. Both have been presented to the Public Prosecutions Office.

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