Photo: MASK CREW/Facebook
Photo: MASK CREW/Facebook

A meat-processing shop in Kuala Lumpur has been accused of killing dogs and possibly selling their meat to customers, as well as poultry items, from a rather unhygienic kitchen.

However, a preliminary police investigation found that Vietnamese migrant workers in the shop might have killed the dog for meat for a curry dish.

Last Friday evening, a man named Ye Yingquan heard some dogs yelping inside a wholesale meat shop, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported. When he got close to the unit, he allegedly witnessed the killing of a dog by some foreign employees, prompting him to call a friend for help.

In a video taken by the witness, the kitchen of the unit appears to be in an unsatisfactory condition, with slaughtered ducks hanging from the ceiling. A blue plastic washbasin appears to be filled with fresh dog parts.

The director of the Cheras police district confirmed that a complaint regarding the killing of dogs had been received, but it was transferred to the Department of Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry.

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