Senate of the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A detained senator has filed a resolution urging the Senate of the Philippines to investigate the influx of Chinese nationals in the country.

On May 29, Leila de Lima filed a resolution saying there had been an increase of Chinese nationals, both legal and illegal, into the Philippines, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

De Lima said the increase of Chinese nationals may lead to job losses by Filipinos and trigger a property surge in many developed areas.

“With the influx of Chinese nationals employed and residing in the Philippines, there is a dangerous possibility of the real estate market pricing putting Filipinos out of their homes, especially in areas near businesses that heavily employs Chinese nationals, like casinos and resorts,” De Lima said.

De Lima said there has been a 33.4% increase of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, from 28,371 in 2015 to 41,993 in 2016.

“There is also the danger of our economy being too dependent on Chinese tourists and clients where any change in policies by the Chinese government could effectively stall, if not cripple, our local economy,” she said.