Saudi national Raha Moharrak with her two Filipino nannies who took care of her and her siblings for 36 years. Photo: Instagram/@rahamoharrak

A Saudi woman who spent 36 years with her two Filipino nannies went to the Philippines to bid them farewell. In 1982, Raha Moharrak and her two siblings were introduced to two Filipinos named Rosa and Lumi.

The two women took care of Moharrak and her siblings as if they were their own. After 36 years of service, Rosa and Lumi decided to retire and return home to the Philippines, the Khaleej Times reported.

Moharrak decided to travel to the Philippines with Rosa and Lumi to bid them farewell. She said that after 36 years, the two women were part of her family and she called them her second mothers.

Moharrak said she had never been to the Philippines, but the families of Rosa and Lumi welcomed her wholeheartedly. She met their children, grandchildren and other members of their family. “The family already knew about me and had seen my pictures. Honestly, it was like meeting long lost cousins and nieces,” Moharrak said.

In her social media posts, Moharrak said she hoped that families in Saudi Arabia would appreciate their domestic workers and see them as their family. She said the abuses of domestic workers in the country were unsettling.

“It bothers me how few people in the region are ignorant about the fact that these nannies leave their own children to take care of other people’s kids to make a living,” she said.

Many people expressed their gratitude to Moharrak for being a good example to other employers in the Middle East.

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