A maid has been released from the Kowloon City Police Station after police found no evidence of sexual abuse. Photo: Google Maps

Hong Kong police announced on Monday that no evidence had been found to substantiate an accusation against a domestic worker involving a sexual assault.

The police announcement was related to a recent Facebook post saying police had received a report from a Hong Kong mother, who accused her domestic worker of sexually abusing her three-year-old daughter.

The post also revealed details about the case, including the age and nationality of the accused, who had not been charged due to a lack of evidence.

According to a police spokesperson, a 29-year-old Filipino maid had been arrested on April 25 after police received a report from a Hong Kong woman who lived in a residential apartment in Kowloon City earlier that day. The woman claimed the domestic worker had inappropriately touched her daughter which led to the child getting an infection.

However, a police investigation team made up of clinical psychologists and forensic pathologists did not find evidence of sexual abuse to constitute a formal charge. Police released the accused on May 20 and informed the woman who reported the case, the Oriental Daily reported.

Psychologists could not identify any signs of a sexual offense during interviews with the girl, who could not give a full, reliable account of the alleged crime, the Sing Tao Daily reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed source who followed the police investigation.

The girl’s mother then posted a message on Facebook, asking for suggestions about how to fight for the rights of her daughter. She said her domestic worker has filed for compensation against her to the Small Claims Tribunal. The mother claimed her case was not handled properly by police and aded she may seek help from legislators.

The case fueled a hot debate on social media over the past few days. Some people supported the mother, while others said the mother should have reported the case earlier. Some said the mother had wrongly blamed her maid.

After requests from the local media, police disclosed more details about the case on Monday.

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