Sentul police station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A Nepali security guard was arrested by police in Kuala Lumpur early on Monday after allegedly killing his 30-year-old roommate – stabbing his compatriot in the neck because he brought a foreign woman back for sex in the bedroom.

The alleged murder happened at around 2am on June 18 inside an apartment compound, which was home to 10 Nepali employees from a security firm, on the 21st floor of a residential building on Jalan Ipoh in Sentul, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported.

The suspect, who was reportedly drunk at the time of the incident, and the victim had a heated argument after the guard learnt that his room was used by his colleague who had sex with the woman.

The agitated suspect allegedly took a knife and stabbed his colleague in the neck in front of other shocked housemates.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene due to severe blood loss.

The suspect was then arrested, and police are investigating the case amid speculation the man will be charged with murder under Section 302 of the Malaysian Penal Code.