The Ministry of Manpower on Havelock Road in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The Ministry of Manpower on Havelock Road in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 49-year-old man pleaded guilty in a Singapore district court on Tuesday to outraging the modesty of his 24-year-old Indonesian maid in 2016.

Defendant Francis Lim Boon Liang, a sales manager, allegedly molested the victim just after she arrived in Singapore and worked for the family on four occasions between November and December in 2016, The Straits Times reported.

The maid was hired by Lim on November 24 in that year. Shortly after she started work, the accused asked her for a kiss when the pair were alone in the kitchen, despite his son being in the living room and his daughter in her bedroom.

After the maid refused to kiss him, Lim reportedly molested her.

The court heard that the domestic worker felt angry, helpless and embarrassed about the incident. She did not file her case immediately because she wanted to respect the accused as her employer and not cause any problems for the family.

However, the employer molested her two more times in November, and a fourth time on December 3, 2016, in a flat of the accused’s mother.

The victim took the opportunity to run away at around 10pm one night but had to stay out on the street at a bus stop near the headquarters of the Ministry of Manpower, where she reported her case the next morning.

Lim was granted bail of S$5,000 (US$3,752) and is due to appear in court for sentencing on July 13. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to two years, and be fined or caned for each count of molestation.