Peya Travel Agency (stock photo) Photo: Asia Times
Peya Travel Agency (stock photo) Photo: Asia Times

A 49-year-old Filipino man was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud in Central on Hong Kong Island on Wednesday. The case relates to the travel agency he worked for failing to book air-tickets for Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong in December last year.

Police arrested the man, who said to be the manager of Peya Travel Agency, on Connaught Road Central on Wednesday night, Oriental Daily reported.

It is understood that the suspect had recently returned to Hong Kong for the first time since leaving the city late last year, shortly before police sought arrests over a fraud involving air tickets for 645 Filipino domestic workers. The victims of the alleged fraud had paid the travel agency approximately HK$2 million (US$255,943) for air tickets that they never received, which meant they were unable to return home to the Philippines for Christmas and New Year.

Police arrested the owners of the travel agency, Peter Boyce and his wife Rhea Donna Boyce last year.

The travel agency is also reportedly in debt to a businessman for HK$3 million. The debt, for air tickets purchased, has been outstanding since May of last year.

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