Mong Kok Station in Kowloon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wing
Mong Kok Station in Kowloon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wing

A 64-year-old local man had his thumb bitten off by another man after the duo had a fight in a packed MTR train on Thursday.

The injured man surnamed Tong and a 54-year-old man surnamed Yu got into a fight just before 9am when the train was heading to Mong Kok station, am730 reported.

The two bumped into each other and started to argue when the train left Prince Edward Station. Their argument then turned into a fight.

Yu bite Tong’s left thumb and part of his thumb was bitten off while Yu suffered eye and face injuries.

Police arrived and arrested the pair. They were sent to Kwong Wah Hospital for medical treatment.

According to the railway company, staff entered the train at Jordan Station to search for the severed part of Tong’s thumb, which ended up being recovered at Central Station.

The thumb tip was put in an ice bag and sent to the hospital so Tong could have an operation to get it reattached.

After an initial investigation, the two men were arrested for fighting in public, Sing Pao reported.