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A 36-year-old Singaporean apologized to his Filipina wife for wrongly accusing her of cheating after he found an HIV positive test result on the woman’s health report.

The man surnamed Wong said that on June 6, he went to the Singhealth Polyclinic at Outram with his 34-year-old wife. They went there for her to undertake a health examination, as she had applied for permanent residency in Singapore, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The couple was told that the woman was pregnant, but when they checked the health report, they found a tick in a box next to a column marked ‘HIV’.

Wong was shocked, his wife was confused, and they questioned medical staff as they were sure they had made a mistake and recorded a wrong test result.

But Wong, who was a strong believer in the Singapore health system, began to think that his wife must have been cheating on him. At that point he considered breaking up with her.

Around this time, the woman received a new health report from another clinic, and it showed that she was in fact HIV negative.

After a two-week-investigation, Singhealth admitted that their doctor had made a mistake, and they apologized to the Wongs.

Mr Wong, facing an outraged wife, apologized to her for his stupidity and begged her forgiveness. The news report did not say how his wife reacted to this.

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