The Merlion, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The Merlion, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 24-year-old domestic worker in Singapore who allegedly complained to her employment agency about her living conditions was dismissed by her employer. She may now be sent back home.

The maid, referred to as Sandra and whose nationality is not known, told Shin Min Daily News that she was hired by the family in May last year. Her duties included looking after the couple’s young child and doing domestic chores.

The maid said her employers generally treated her well, giving her enough food and rest time. However there was one downside: she had to sleep on a mattress on the kitchen floor.

Hoping to improve her working conditions, she reported the matter to her employment agency, who then made contact with her employers.

The employers, allegedly infuriated by the report to the agency, decided to fire the worker. The agency informed the maid of her dismissal, leaving her unemployed and facing being sent home.

President of the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) Jayaprema noted that workers should communicate first with their employers before seeking help from their employment agency.

Jayaprema went on to say that employment agencies should investigate potential misunderstandings between employers and their employees. On-site visits should be conducted and any violations found should be reported to the Ministry of Manpower. In the event of employers deciding to terminate a contract early, they should give their worker advance notification of dismissal.

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