The iconic Merlion in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The iconic Merlion in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

An elderly employer is considering ending her contract with a maid after discovering that she had borrowed money from institutions without informing them.

The 70-year-old employer surnamed Yang said his son hired the Indonesian woman, aged 40, to take care of him and his wife. But he said the worker had been performing well, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The family received a phone call from a financial institution claiming the maid had borrowed S$1,000 and not repaid her debt.

After being questioned, the domestic worker admitted she borrowed S$5,000 from four loan companies for her younger brother’s wedding in Indonesia. But she was not able to repay all the debts.

Yang later found that the maid borrowed money easily by presenting her work permit only and no passport was needed – as he had kept her passport in a safe.

Yang said the family allowed the maid to get her salary in advance and lent her S$1,000 earlier, adding that they understood she borrowed the money for her family.

“She is smart; we like her very much, but she has lost our trust now.”

The old man has suffered cancer and his wife has had dementia. Both are worried that they could receive threatening calls or harassment from loan sharks. He admitting he was considering firing the maid.

Yang said the government should have a stringent control on money-lending, especially loans given to foreign domestic workers.