Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A political group in Macau has urged the government to introduce stringent measures on the employment of domestic workers amid reports of a number of child-abuse cases.

The convener of the Macau United Citizens Association said more cases of child abuse by domestic workers had been discovered in recent years as in many families, both parents have to work and depend heavily on their maids to take care of their children, Macao Daily News reported.

However, the quality of such workers available in the market varies.

The group proposed that the government introduce stringent measures to monitor the employment of domestic workers, including setting up a database to record misbehavior and criminal offenses by maids.

Substandard workers would then be banned from working in the city.

Because of cultural differences, the government should educate domestic workers on local laws and regulations, which would also help maids better protect their own rights.

Society and families that employ maids, meanwhile, should care about the well-being of domestic workers, especially when they have emotional issues.

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