Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Filipino domestic worker groups say the Macau government did not approach them for opinions during the consultation period for the city’s law on a universal minimum wage.

The Filipino-based Progressive Labor Union of Domestic Workers (PLUDWS) and the Greens Philippines Migrant Workers Union (GPMWU) said they were not invited for consultation, Macau News Agency reported.

The government only approached an Indonesian worker group, said Jassy Santos, chairwoman of PLUDWS.

In a 45-day consultation held last year, the Macau government collected and analyzed 2,461 opinions, and stated in its latest report that domestic workers and people with disabilities should be excluded from the minimum-wage system.

Nedie Taberdo, chairwoman of the GPMWU, said the union hoped to meet with the secretary for economy to discuss the matter.

Meanwhile, Santos disclosed that many Filipino domestic workers illegally take a second job to earn more money.

She said the average salary of a domestic worker who stays in an employer’s home amounted to some 3,500 patacas (US$560) per month, but she believed workers should enjoy a monthly wage of at least 4,500 patacas.

Taberdo said domestic workers in the city enjoyed little labor protection, adding that the Macau government could learn from policies rolled out by the Hong Kong government for domestic workers.

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