Macau where the raids took place and the 16 were arrested. Photo: iStock
Macau where the raids took place and the 16 were arrested. Photo: iStock

Domestic workers and people with disabilities have been excluded from a planned law to implement a basic wage in Macau.  On Wednesday, the Macau government released a report about the implementation of the law on a universal minimum wage.

The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) released a report which analyzed 2,461 opinions collected during a 45-day public consultation period last year, according to the government website.

Overall, the report suggested that a universal minimum wage should be enjoyed by both local residents and non-resident workers to ensure fairness in the level of wages received by workers.

However, the report suggested excluding domestic workers and workers with disabilities.

The majority of opinions stated that the implementation of a minimum wage for domestic workers might increase financial pressure on families – unlike the recruitment of workers by companies to meet profit objectives. Some worried that one of their family members might have to give up his or her job and stay home to take care of the family.

Given that the majority of domestic workers are foreign, or non-resident workers, the bureau pointed out that the current evaluation system for applications to recruit non-resident domestic workers would be effective enough in monitoring the level of remuneration for jobseekers, adding that they will ensure remuneration is in line with market prices.

The bureau said the government will conduct at least one review every two years on the minimum wage level once the new system is implemented.

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