By the end of the third quarter of 2018, Jingdong Group had more than 170,000 full-time employees. Photo: Flickr/Daniel Cukier

Chinese e-commerce giant has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Magplane Technology Inc., an American developer of the Magplane system, in an effort to apply magnetic levitation technology to the area of logistics, The Paper reported.

“If water, gas and oil can be transported through underground pipelines, why can’t packages?” said D. Bruce Montgomery, chairman and president of Magplane Technology Inc., at the global logistics summit hosted by in December of last year. supports the idea and plans to establish both ground and underground intelligent transportation networks in the future.

Such smart logistics networks will not only have the advantages of ultra-high speed, low energy consumption with zero noise and pollution, but also can connect various spots such as retailers, manufacturers, supermarkets and residential buildings with conveyor rails, according to an insider at

The two parties will also jointly develop magnetic levitation and magnet direct-drive technologies, aiming to promote their application in‘s future logistic network.