A drunk man was seen standing on a taxi in Wan Chai. Photo: Syl Lam@Facebook
A drunk man was seen standing on a taxi in Wan Chai. Photo: Syl Lam@Facebook

Three men were arrested and charged with drunk and disorderly behavior after vandalizing a taxi after its driver refused to pick them up in Hong Kong’s Wanchai district on Sunday night, a scene caught on video.

The three South Asian men bashed on the doors and windshield of a Toyota Crown Comfort taxi and one jumped onto the roof of the vehicle and trampled the taxi sign.

The men became enraged after the taxi driver refused to pick them up out of fear of getting a HK$560 (US$70) ticket for picking up passengers while waiting for a green light at a crossroads marked with double yellow lines, a no-stopping area.

Apple Daily reported that one of the men also sat in front of the taxi to block its way while continuing to drink beer. The entire scene was caught on camera as passersby took clips and photos and others called the police.

One of the suspects also injured himself and was sent to the Ruttonjee Hospital before his arrest.

Another witness, who also hailed from South Asia, told reporters he was upset about the rowdy behavior and that it could tarnish the image of the entire ethnic minority community in the city.

The driver later told police the three men first dashed onto the road and attempted to stop him, but he veered around them and sped away. However, he was chased and they caught up to him when he had to stop at a red light. Fortunately he was not hurt, but said he would lose a lot of sleep over the scare and the hefty price to get his car repaired.

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