Block 217 on Yishun Street 21, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 26-year-old Indonesian domestic worker was jailed for 12 months by a Singapore court on Friday after pleading guilty to stealing more than S$40,000 from her 76-year-old employer’s bank account over a period of six weeks last year.

Eka Nur Indah allegedly found the PIN number of her employer’s ATM card in a notebook at her boss’s residence on Yishun Street in June, 2017.

Between June 9 and July 18, 2017, Eka frequently visited a nearby ATM from which she made cash withdrawals using the stolen card and PIN number.

In all, the maid made 49 withdrawals totaling S$41,213 (US$30,818). As well as remitting some of the proceeds to Indonesia, she used the money to buy gold jewelry and Samsung mobile phones.

The court heard that she also used the stolen card to pay for treatments at a local beauty parlor.

The accused would lift the bank card from her employer’s handbag when she was asleep or in another room.

The stealing spree was brought to a halt by the victim’s son when he found that withdrawals as high as S$2,000 were taking place several times a week.