Martha Washington Park in Seattle. Photo: Google Maps
Martha Washington Park in Seattle. Photo: Google Maps

A 17-year-old Filipino-American was shot dead by an unknown gunman at Martha Washington Park in Seattle in the United States early on Saturday night.

Shortly after midnight in the early hours of Saturday morning, Ryan Dela Cruz, a senior at Franklin High School who had been due to graduate in a few weeks and join the Marine Corps, was with a group of friends at the park to hunt for ghosts before the incident happened, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Another group of teenagers were also in the park and a brawl started. The other group opened fire and Dela Cruz was shot three times. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center, but died a few hours later.

Sergeant Sean Whitcomb, a police spokesman, said officers were investigating the case and believed the incident was not a gang-related, the Seattle Times reported.

“We don’t believe the victim was targeted,” Whitcomb said. Police have yet to identify the suspects as they fled after the incident.