Lapu-Lapu City. Photo: Google Maps
Lapu-Lapu City. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino accused of lying to her Swedish boyfriend about her martial status to buy property in the Philippines has denied the charges against her.

Lovely Anne Enad, 34, was charged with fraud and falsification of public documents after lying about being single in order to buy property worth 2.5 million pesos (US$47,570) in Lapu-Lapu City, the Philippine Lifestyle News reported.

However, Enad said she never concealed her marital status from her boyfriend Hans Goran Gunneriusson and he knew her marriage had not been annulled. Enad said she and her ex-husband, Felomino Enad, had been separated for five years before she met Gunneriusson in 2015.

“He (Gunneriusson) knew I was not yet annulled, he knew this in the first place. He was even the one who paid for the annulment because we were planning to get married,” Enad said.

She also said she had all the documents to prove Gunneriusson’s involvement in the annulment, which is still pending.

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