Dubai where the offense took place. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino saleswoman on Wednesday pardoned an Afghan man who groped her in an elevator in a mall in Dubai. In April, the Filipina was on her way to work in a mall when a 26-year-old Afghan man followed her into an elevator.

The man greeted her and asked her about herself, then suddenly groped her chest twice before running out of the elevator, Gulf News reported. The Filipina ran to the mall’s security guards and told them what happened. She then reported the incident to police, who arrested the man shortly afterwards.

On Wednesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man was sentenced to three months jail in prison. However, the court suspended his jail term after the Filipina pardoned him and granted him a written waiver. The man will be deported immediately.

The report did not explain why the Filipina pardoned the defendant.

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