Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A couple in Dubai paid for the education of a Filipino domestic worker’s young daughter because they were so grateful for the care and attention she takes in looking after their own small child.

Rowena and Tarek Karaman gave Ana Fernandez PHP20,000 (US$375) to cover the cost of her daughter’s schooling back in the Philippines, including PHP10,000 (US$187) for her tuition fees.

“She takes care of the most valuable thing for us, our daughter Abla. Why would I treat someone who takes care of her without respect or without kindness?” Rowena said, according to The Filipino Times.

Rowena said she made an instant connection with Ana, probably because she is also a mother and the Filipina’s child back home is the same age as Rowena’s daughter.

“She once told me that she wants to spend time with a family whose child is a similar age to her own daughter so she knows how to relate with her when she talks to her over the phone, and how to spend time with her when she returns to the Philippines.

“I am thankful for all the heartwarming things she does for Alba. We would do this [paying education costs] to someone we care about and we care a lot about Ana,” Rowena said.