Terraced houses on Lentor Way, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Terraced houses on Lentor Way, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

After a couple received a frantic Sunday morning call from their domestic worker, they rushed to their home in Yishun, Singapore, and captured a three-meter-long python.

The unwelcome visitor was discovered by the domestic worker on the morning of June 17 in the front yard of a terraced house at Lentor View near Ang Mo Kio planning area, China Press reported.

The 39-year-old employer surnamed Tan stated that he and his wife were alerted by the maid who had been startled to find a gigantic snake inside a large vase as she was cleaning the front yard.

The couple returned home an hour later, to find the reptile fast asleep in the container.

Worried in case the python might escape into neighboring houses, the couple decided to tackle it by themselves.

Tan’s wife, who had experience in catching snakes, grabbed the tail of the snake and handed it to her husband. She then stepped on the reptile’s head to restrain it.

Tan then managed to put it inside a large cement bag and place it inside the vase.

Shortly afterwards, officers from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) took the reptile away.

Mr Tan said that wild intruders were not uncommon ever since road construction work began in the neighborhood two years ago; however, it was the first time they had been visited by such a huge python, he added.

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