Al Warqa in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps
Al Warqa in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

An Asian clerk has been sentenced to three months in jail for groping a Filipino cleaner at his home in Dubai. On December 12, 2017, the 28-year-old man, whose nationality was not disclosed, hired the 20-year-old Filipino to clean his villa in Al Waqa, Gulf Today reported.

The woman started cleaning the bathroom while the man was watching her from the door. She asked him to leave so she could close the door and clean the room, but the man insisted he wanted to monitor her to see if she was cleaning the bathroom properly.

The man then asked her to clean the bathroom’s ceiling and offered to lift her up, which she rejected. She then moved to a second bathroom to clean it when the man suddenly hugged her from behind.

He tried to kiss her but she pushed him away and escaped to the first washroom, locked herself in and called for help. She called her Indian supervisor, who told her to leave the villa immediately.

The woman said the man wanted to pay her to keep quiet about the incident, but she refused and reported the matter to police. On Tuesday at the Dubai Criminal Court, the man was sentenced to three months in jail and will be deported after serving his punishment. The man applied for an acquittal, but the Appeals Court rejected his plea.