Johanna Lyn Estolino graduate from the University of the Philippines - Los Banños with a degree in Agribusiness Management. Photo: Twitter/@joha_inoc

A Filipino college graduate called out to her professor on social media for doubting her ability to pursue a career in agriculture.

In a Twitter post, Johanna Lyn Estonilo, 20, who recently graduated from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños with a degree in Agribusiness Management, said that one of her professors doubted her ability to pursue a career in agricultural as she was a “city girl”, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Estonilo, who is from Makati City, proved her professor wrong when she posted her graduation portrait on Twitter, as well as several pictures of her doing ‘farm work’ while she was still studying.

“A professor once told me, “How can a girl living in Makati pursue a degree in Agribusiness Management?” To the professor who doubted me, I’m finally graduating and I will definitely serve the agribusiness sector here in the Philippines,” Estonilo said in her Twitter post.

The Twitter post went viral with more than 36,000 likes and more than 2,300 retweets.

Estonilo said she never dreamed of taking up agribusiness management, but learned to love her field of study. However, not many people supported her decision and some cast doubt on her chances of success in the agriculture sector.

“There was a notion that if you enter this industry, you won’t get anywhere. My friend told me that I will become a farmer after I graduate,” Estonilo said.

She said that her degree showed her the relevance of having professionals in the field of agribusiness in the Philippines, especially in trying to feed the country’s poorer areas.

“The Philippines needs more professionals that will utilize our resources to feed our ever-growing population. I want to see more millennials become engaged in agriculture,” she said.

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