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Major tech companies and government agencies continue to enhance their computational power. Image: iStock

Chinese artificial intelligence unicorn Cambrian said it has raised several hundred million in US funds during its latest Series B financing, and it is considering going public on the A-share market, reported.

“We (will) consider listing on the domestic A-shares market in the future,” said Chen Tianshi, the CEO of Cambrian, though he did not disclose the listing schedule.

After the B round financing, the overall valuation of the company reached US$2.5 billion.

However, an insider in the chip industry thinks the valuation figure only reflects the institutional investors’ expectation of the company.

At present the company is only at B Round, and the next step depends on whether the actual product is accepted by the market and used on a large scale.

To stand firm in the area of today’s AI market, products must have a certain stability and be used for several years along with support for application software upgrades in the long run, the insider added.