The two girls riding a large python in Indonesia. Photo: News Dog Media
The two girls riding a large python in Indonesia. Photo: News Dog Media

A video showing two girls riding on the back of a huge python in Indonesia has triggered a hot debate on the internet. The clip has been viewed several million times since it was posted by News Dog Media on Facebook one week ago.

The two girls were seen playfully sitting on a reticulated python, a non-venomous snake but one that has been known to eat people, according to the video.

The video also showed the head of the slowly-moving reptile.

There were mixed views about the video. Some said the girls’ parents were very bold to let them play with the giant snake, but the majority of people who had seen the video criticized the parents for being irresponsible. While the python is a protected species, it could easily have attacked the girls.

There have been many media reports about local people being killed by pythons in Indonesia. On March 29 last year, a 25-year-old farmer was found dead in the belly of a 23-foot python after he was reported missing, The Jakarta Post reported.

On October 4, a 37-year-old security guard, together with two passers-by, killed a 23-foot-long python as it was blocking traffic on a road in Indonesia. The security guard was bitten on the arm by the snake, which was eventually killed and eaten by villagers, AFP reported.

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