The Dubai Courts. Photo: Dubai government
The Dubai Courts. Photo: Dubai government

Two Bangladeshi men have been put on trial in Dubai for allegedly selling an Indonesian domestic worker through WhatsApp. The two men, 25 and 28, tried to sell the Indonesian maid for 5,500 dirhams (US$1,498).

Two other Bangladeshi men were accused of helping them sell the woman and driving her to the ‘buyer,’ Khaleej Times reported.

The 41-year-old woman, who arrived in Dubai on Jan. 4, 2017, and worked for an Emirati family in Abu Dhabi, said she was not happy with her employer’s wife, who she said was very demanding.

She contacted a compatriot, who promised her a part-time job with a salary of 1,500 dirhams. She left her employer’s home on Jan. 20 and went to Dubai.

After arriving, she was picked up by a man and taken to a house. She was then forced into prostitution and put up for sale. At the Dubai Court, the men faced charges of human trafficking, running a brothel, facilitating prostitution and sexual exploitation.

The trial continues on May 24.